Interviewed is a short black comedy from Cascadia Dread. Shot and produced in Redmond, WA, it tells the story of Max Derickson, a young would-be professional interviewing for a position with a prestigious company. However, he might be in for more than he can handle when his interviewers appear to be more sinister than he expected... 


Interviewed Poster.jpg

Director's Statement:
There are few situations we go through in life more stressful and nerve-wracking than a job interview. Whether you are a recent college grad applying for your first post-university job or an experienced professional looking to move up the corporate ladder, the interview process is frequently the most detested step in job hunting. They often tell you that it's just business and nothing personal, but what if it's not??? This short black comedy, Interviewed, plays on those well-known fears and takes them to a new level.


Written & Directed by Christopher C Wyatt, the short stars Jacob Crowe, Deanna Quintana Garcia, Brian Carlin, Anthony Navas, and Madison DeCambra. It was co-produced by Wyatt and Brien Gorham, Rakesh Malik served as Director of Photography with practical effects by Lisa Van-Dam Bates. 

To be featured in the 2017 Crypticon Film Festival. 


Chris Wyatt