What is Cascadia Dread?

Maybe it's the rain, the endless days of gray, the armada of clouds that obfuscates the sun, that brings out the morbid curiosity of those that linger in these digital woods, wanderers in the foothills of these mountains of madness. We love the things that whisper in the dark and we love to turn those whisperings into stories for you. We also believe in the community that loves dark stories. Cascadia Dread is a nexus. It will showcase original horror shorts in various media and also be a sounding board for the horror community. You will be able to read and watch reviews and features and, in time, watch and listen to original stories produced by the Dreadfuls, who you can meet further down this page. We wish to promote the work of other storytellers and event creators in the Pacific Northwest. We hope to be the home to horror in the PNW and we invite you to join us. 

Brien Christopher...

is an itinerant storyteller whose peripatetic nature has brought him from the playground of the Jersey Devil to the stomping grounds of Bigfoot. A jack of all trades and a master of none, Brien spends his days spinning yarns of terrible delights and delighting his terrible cat with yarn. He dreams of making the next great indie horror film, paid for (literally) with his blood and sweat, which he sadly believes will fetch a pretty penny on Ebay. You can follow his writing career at www.virgilsdiner.com and find him on Twitter @virgilsdiner

Isabella L. Price...

was never a fan of horror, in fact she was scared of most horror movies all through childhood. While going to school for film production and costume design, she discovered that the type of stories she wanted to tell about racism, sexism, and societal problems came through best in horror. Using the genre as a way to tell stories that are rarely told, she is working on shaking up a system that already challenges the status quo.  You can find her on twitter pissing off racists and complaining about TV shows @ThatGirlMonster. Her tumblr Haus of Horror,  is not safe for work or really anybody and her instagram where she wastes the rest of her time.

Brian Carlin...

is a Buckeye State native who traveled first to the Northeast and has now made his way to the Northwest. He's a storyteller in many mediums who has been engrossed in the horror genre since he first saw the VHS covers at his local video store (RIP York Video!). He spends his days walking in the woods and observing the Seattle landscape to find inspiration for stories to make you scream, laugh, or maybe both at once! He is looking forward to sharing the stories he is working on with both the Northwest horror community and beyond. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @ActorBrCarlin.  

Andrew W. Hunter

is an actor/stage manager and former librarian who settled in the Seattle area last year. His enjoyment of horror started during elementary school when he discovered the Universal Monster movies. As an adult he has grown into an aficionado of cult films, classic horror movies and 70's & 80's horror movies. During college he was able to spend a semester exploring horror and writing horror short stories in a Horror Fiction class. He looks forward to exploring writing again with Cascadia Dread and perhaps some film roles that explore the darker side of his casting. He can be found on Twitter @hunterwandrew1.

Christopher C. Wyatt

Is a movie-lover through and through with a particular fondness for Horror. Wasn't always a horror fan though... no it wasn't until age 14 when he read Stephen King's Carrie and watched the subsequent Brian De Palma film that his fascination with horror began and a whole new world opened up. Today, he pursues his love for film primarily as an editor, writer, and amateur film critic via his Youtube Series Films According to Chris Wyatt and on Twitter @cwyattfilm. With Cascadia Dread, he is looking forward to exploring new and exciting stories, themes, and avenues of the Horror Genre and Film in general.